{That us on Jan. 27, 2010, awaiting our final adoption hearing for Ben.}

I lost count of how many times I was told my daughter looks like me. She acts like me too. Turns out, people have said the same about my son. And, really, I see resemblances between Cate and Ben, who are 30 1/2 months apart. The best part: They're both adopted. And I absolutely love their stories, which really is our story. I love how God put our family together and showed us he was there throughout with details along the way.

The short version of bringing Cate into our family goes like this: We decided to adopt in October 2006, having absolutely no idea what the process would entail but ready to see what God would do. At Christmas 2006, my sister told us she knew a girl who wanted to talk to us about adopting the baby girl she was carrying. We ended up meeting this girl on Jan. 18, 2007, when she was 25 weeks pregnant with the baby who would be our daughter. Cate was born a few days shy of 15 weeks later.

The story continues with Ben: We decided our second adoption story would probably involve an agency, even though we loved everything about our first independent, private adoption. We put it our desire to adopt again out there in October 2008, updated our home study in the spring of 2009 and chose an agency that we visited in July 2009. But that's not all that happened in July 2009: We ended up meeting our second birthmom. We first saw our son via ultrasound when the birthmom was 25 weeks into her pregnancy. And Ben was born 14 weeks later.

Just get me started, if you want to hear more. Or you can go read many, many posts about adoption. The most recent part of our story is we're hoping to meet a birthmom and adopt a third baby.

I can tell these stories {with more details!} over and over again. I tell them because this is what God has done. And I believe he'll do it again somehow. Because he's the author of this story and all of our stories.

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