Saturday, March 22, 2003

new york is an amazing city, really. all the different neighborhoods have distinct personalities, which really gives it character. ok, so it's not the cleanest place in the world, although i'd rank it above san francisco in that area. i really enjoyed seeing all the buildings and places i've seen in movies. central park is totally neat - just the way it sits surrounded by skyscrapers. we saw the UN, which was impressive with the war in iraq getting ready to start, all kinds of TV trucks were lined up outside, waiting. my favorite part, though, was seeing "man of la mancha" on broadway then eating at this incredible brazilian restaurant. i love the don quixote story. the restaurant was a new experience - you have a card with a red and green side. to start eating, you turn the green side up. first, there's a huge salad bar with all kinds of interesting foods on it. (shrimp!) then the servers bring around all kinds of different meat - lamb, pork tenderloin, white fish, salmon, sausage, all kinds of different beef, chicken - and you take a piece or two of what you want, and they just keep coming around. when you're finished, you turn the red side of the card up. so, it's pay a flat price and eat as much as you want. and the food was delicious. i also had fried bananas there for the first time. totally a new favorite. with the meats, your table also gets whatever side dishes you want. we had mashed potatoes, rice and fried bananas.

(by the way, greg and i were visiting my aunt kim, uncle bill and cousins jennifer and jeff, who live in randolph, new jersey. it's outside newark, n.j., and not far from new york city. they moved there last summer, so this was a chance to see them and see nyc. it was greg's spring break, so i decided to take five vacation days for my own spring break. it was nice to be away from our routines for awhile.)

last night we went to see some sweet sixteen high school basketball games. that's always fun. we saw lexington henry clay beat warren central and louisville ballard beat rose hill. we spent the earlier part of the day watching ncaa, which is great, too. kentucky looked pretty good. the ncaa tournament fun to watch, even if my bracket is totally messed up. yes, i picked western kentucky and austin peay to pull upsets on illinois and louisville, respectively, but i was wishing too hard. (hey, adam, i chose indiana over alabama, though. at least the hoosiers pulled through this first time.)

shelley and dustin are expecting their baby in august. and it's a boy!