Tuesday, December 24, 2002

my first christmas at the taylors went well this past weekend. it's sort of fun to figure out different family's traditions. greg and i are going to my parents' house tonight and will be there all day tomorrow too. i'm at work right now, but should only be here about another hour or so.

we met jaclyn and bryan in frankfort last night for dinner. it was great to see them.

the randomness...
brian won survivor. he's sneaky and gave me a bad feeling during the finale. but i didn't want clay to win either. mike davis got a bit too fired up. that's what the wildcats do to people, especially former alabama players. city on the hill christmas CD is great. i've listened to it over and over again the last week or so. i typed the majority of the 878 santa letters madison county student submitted to the newspaper. i couldn't believe some kids asked for grand theft auto vice city...i've heard that game is filled with filth.