Thursday, August 22, 2002

quick update:

i'm officially Kristin Taylor.

i started my new job at the richmond register - although how the rain affected tobacco and a fire state groundbreaking don't fall into my beats of education and religion. ah, the beauty and beast of a small-town newspaper. i think i'll like it though.

greg and i went whitewater rafting with mark and ginger earlier this week. it was fun.

i finally got to read the eighth installment of the stephanie plus saga. "hard eight" was the next one in the series and i finally got my hands on it from the library. it was as funny as the others. now i'll just have to wait for janet evanovich to get busy and finish the ninth book.

oh, and we went to murray for our reception last weekend. it was fun and we got a lot more great gifts. ryan brooks also brought our wedding pictures. he did a fabulous job. some other people have also given me some fun pictures from our big day. anybody out there with any, feel free to pass the along. in murray we also got to hang out with jaclyn, bryan, kelly and brandon. good times with good friends.

alright, that's the brief and random update of my life recently. stay tuned for more.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

alright, obviously a lot has happened in my life since i last updated. i'll do my best to catch you all up:

the week before my wedding, the editor from the richmond newspaper emailed me, saying she had an education/features reporter position open. was i interested? of course. so i cram a trip back to lexington from louisville into my week, which wasn't really busy as much as there were just lots of things i wanted to do. anyway, i interviewed wednesday and she offered me the job pretty much the minute i walked in the door. it was super informal. i accepted on the spot, and drove back to louisville with a huge burden lifted. seriously, God is so good. i knew it was going to be ok, but you can't imagine how much more i enjoyed the wedding, reception and honeymoon knowing i was employed. and the editor even had no problem with me starting next week, after the reception in murray. not that there was much she could do about it. so i start wednesday. how perfect.

perfect is the theme. because the wedding was perfect. i was calm, which for a perfectionist is a bit unbelievable. the music was amazing. katie and aaron played "a page is turned" so beautifully. i didn't think i was going to get to hear it, but i could from where i was waiting. i loved that. and katie quigley sang "how beautiful" during the ceremony, and she did great. lou was great on the organ. everything just fit together. i can't wait to watch it on video. i got so many compliments on the music.

and the flowers...oh, they might have been my favorite part. it's a toss up with the music. the bridesmaids bouquets looked gorgeous with their yellow dresses. they each carried a different color daisy - red, orange, yellow, pink, coral. then the groomsmen they walked with had matching mini daisies on. it was great. and my bouquet was beautiful - same color daisies with white roses. they are going to look great in the pictures.

my dad walking me in, the vows, the rings, the kiss, all the prayers...everything was so smooth. the chapel lady actually told me it was the smoothest wedding she had ever seen. what a compliment!

my mom's family helped so much at the reception, serving drinks and helping set up and clean up. and cara's family catered it perfectly. i got so many compliments on that too. my friend elizabeth that came all the way from portland just for the weekend caught my bouquet in the toss, which i thought was appropriate.

ok, honeymoon...
guess what? it was perfect. traveling was smooth, and we actually got free ticket vouchers because we let them reroute us to san francisco. but we only ended up getting out there 40 minutes later than originally planned, so it didn't matter to us. we got the better end of the deal in our minds.

lake tahoe was beautiful. we have tons of pictures for anyone to see, too. we went to carson city and reno, nevada, one day. they are just over the mountains. then we stopped in sacramento on our way to san francisco, where we spent the last two nights. ok, back to tahoe. we drove around the lake - all 70-something miles our first day there. that might have been my favorite thing. the california side has a bunch of little communities with quaint restaurants and shops. the nevada side is more protected parks and forests. that's until you get to the casinos on the south part of the lake. anyway, i liked the variety in scenes and weather.

i'm sure i'll share more later, especially with whoever i see soon. but my fingers are tired of typing.