Wednesday, July 24, 2002

saturday my shower was great. kelly, cara and jaclyn did a super job planning it. greg and i got some great wedding presents and i have a few things to surprise him with. (if you know what i mean.) after the shower, kelly, cara, jaclyn, sarah and i ate at bahama breeze and hung out for several hours. it was so great...just like college. it had been awhile since all of us had gotten together, and it seemed to be much-needed by all of us. sunday jaclyn, kelly and i went to kentucky kingdom. in line for the first roller coaster (a stand up one that was better than king cobra at kings island) we were sweating entirely too much, so after we rode it we went to the water park. we stayed there - lazy river, wave pool, slides - until we were ready to go. but we rode a suspended roller coaster before leaving. that night jaclyn and i drove back to lexington. monday and tuesday jaclyn and i were super productive. she helped me get lots of wedding and honeymoon errands finished. mainly they were little odds and ends that i had been compiling on a list. we played lots of cribbage and dr. mario, too. greg took us out of ice cream one night and we all went to see "k-19" another night. the movie was ok. "minority report" continues to be my favorite action movie of the summer. tonight scott (who happens to have a pick-up truck) is helping greg and i move some furniture from greg's apartment to ours. greg will finish moving in next week before the wedding when i'm in louisville. that's convenient because he'll have a place to stay once he gives away his bed.