Monday, June 10, 2002

jaclyn got married this weekend! i had a good time helping her decorate and run errands the two days before. the ceremony at kentucky lake was beautiful. i also saw a few friends i hadn't seen in awhile.

this morning the cable man came to install my cable, but now there are maintenance problems all over the city. that contradicts my new service.

last night driving home from greg's house i got pulled over. the second time ever. and the second ticket ever. that sucks. some people know - kelly and greg - have gotten pulled over probably 10 times each and have only gotten one ticket each. how unlucky am i?! i was going 48 mph in a 35 zone, BUT i honestly thought it was a 45 mph zone. i told the woman cop that, but she obviously didn't care. i think she was mad i have my old address on my license and not my new lexington one. i told her i have lived here for LESS THAN two weeks. she didn't care. at first she acted like she did. but she gave me a ticket anyway. (OK, so i have my parents' address on my license, but i was going to get it changed AFTER i changed my name in august. oh well, i have to pay $6 now to change the address and another $6 later to change my name. dang.) i can go to traffic school, so at least the fine will be less (about $50 less) and my insurance won't be affected. still, traffic school is boring. (yes, i've been before, because i never get out of tickets, like some people i know.)