Monday, May 20, 2002

I found an apartment in Lexington. I'm moving next week sometime. Then Greg's moving in after the wedding. For those of you familiar with Lexington, it's off Alumni Drive at New Circle. Now I just need to find a job. Oh, and we picked out tuxedos yesterday. One more thing of the wedding planning list!

I really thought Neleh was going to win "Survivor." But Vecepia won by one vote. Dang. It's a good thing it's May - only one of my shows hasn't had its finale. That's "Felicity" and there's a two-hour finale this week. I need a break of TV.

Monday, May 13, 2002

i was reading about names:

KIRSTEN, KRISTIN. One problem with naming a daughter Kirsten is that no one will ever remember whether her name is the Norwegian/Danish form of Christine KIRSTEN, the Swedish KERSTIN or KRISTIN, or maybe even the hybrid KRISTEN. Not to mention, of course, the Scottish KIRSTIE, nickname KRISTY, or any of the scores of variations of KRISTINE and KRISTINA. Life will be, in other words, confusing. Pity, too, because Kirsten, Kristin, and cousins are some of the prettiest, most delicate, and crystalline-sounding names around: surely the source of their broad popularity. But there have been so many Kirstens of such variety for so many years now that yours would almost surely have trouble standing out from the crowd. And that�s the other main problem: Parents choosing one of these names may be shocked to find how big the crowd is. Undercounted because of its myriad variations, Kirsten/Kristin is in fact among the Top 20 in some states. If you simply must go with this name, you might try to find a distinctive variation (no, that doesn�t mean a weird spelling): KRISTA, maybe, or KRISTIANA.

Saturday, May 4, 2002

worked from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
but that included:
*free food and drinks
*a nearby bathroom without a line more than two-people deep
*credentials to millionare row

SO i got to take my picture with jerry o'connell (neve campbell's boyfriend in screan 2) and mitchell anderson (claudia's violin teacher on party of five).