Saturday, March 2, 2002

justin burdine, a murray state basketball player, almost landed in my lap today. i was covering the OVC final today with bruce. murray state won by one, but that was after leading by 12 twice. anyway, the players were obviously pumped up - they are going to the NCAA tournament. so burdine and some other players jumped on the media table, which was closest the the murray fans. and the table leaned toward me. bruce shielded the lap top, rick bailey from the herald-leader moved out of the way, and i jumped out of my chair, only to run into some fans that were crowding around the media table. then tevester anderson came over and cheered with the fans, totally squashing the media between some pretty excited people. then somewhere in the chaos greg gave me a hug.

it is pretty cool. murray was 9-11 in late january after back-to-back losses at morehead and eastern kentucky. then murray wins 10 of its last 11 games, including the OVC championship. oh, and they played today with seven guys, one who only played three minutes. it must suck to be tennessee tech, the regular-season conference champ. at the press conference, tech's coach said some good things about playing in a conference like the OVC where winning the tournament means a NCAA bid, unlike the SEC or Big 10, where lots of teams will get bids. then bruce and i were talking afterward, tournaments for less powerful conferences probably actually mean more because there is so much more riding on the win. i mean, tech isn't in the tournament because of one point.

days like today make me want to be a sports writer.
then i think about my future and i stop considering any option too heavily.