Thursday, January 31, 2002

i went dress shopping today. i'm sure glad lori and cara went with me. it's pretty funny, though. lori is all about weddings. she's been in about six, i think. and cara totally doesn't want to admit the remote possibility of liking this stuff. but we all had such a good time. i've had such good girl time lately, thanks to lori and i having some wednesdays off. anyway, back to wedding dresses...cara and i were in the dressing room (yes, it totally takes another person to help put on a wedding dress) and i turned to her and said, "what am i doing? i'm totally trying on wedding dresses." yeah, you're like, duh, kristin, you were in david's bridal and bridal warehouse trying on dreses, what do you mean you were asking yourself that? i mean....I'M GETTING MARRIED. ahh! ok, i've only been engaged a week. a week today. well, it says thursday at the top of this entry, but only because it's 1 a.m., well a little after. yes, i have this beautiful ring on my finger, have talked to greg's mom ( future mother-in-law twice this week), booked the chapel, bought a bridal magazine (yes, only one so far)...but it took trying on like 10 dresses in a cramped dressing room with my best friend since i was 9 for me to realize that I'M GETTING MARRIED. and it's totally such a wonderful, wonderful thing. it's terrible i just typed "like." i should say "like," well using it like (haha) that, i mean, much less type it. ok, that statement before that last tangent isn't totally true. (hard to keep up, isn't it?) i have turned to greg multiple times since he surprised me last week and just said, "we're getting married." and then of course i smiled, inside and out. but, still, today was the first time for the big girly part of it, you know?

well, after two big bridal stores, we ate lunch. we were worn out. eating and trying on dresses, which, by the way, run completely small compared to other clothes, are two activities that don't go together. ok, back to the size thing. now, i don't really care what size i wear. i mean, when i think of sizes i totally see the sign on the back of the restroom stalls at college that the women's center put up to try and create awareness of eating disorders and offer its help. one of the facts was that marilyn monroe wore a 14...basically, don't get stressed if you can't fit into a 6 like our culture promotes. dresses are the one thing in fashion that should run big, i should normally wear a 12 and walk into a bridal store and be able to fit into an 8, not the other way around. i'm totally not into impressing people with what i wear, but it the dress i'm going to wear on my wedding day...the day i'm going to walk down an aisle and stand in front of lots of people (how many you ask...i have no idea!). i hate to be the center of attention, which is something i really need to get over before aug. 3. gosh, the tangents. anyway, mentally bridal stores are backward, that's all.

ok, back to my day with lori and cara. later we went to see "i am sam." it's that movie with sean penn as the retarded father who wants to keep custody of his daughter who is more intelligent - academically speaking - than him. it's intense in some parts, but such a great movie. then we just hung out at my apartment until our wednesday night shows came on. actually, lori and i played some super mario brothers - yes, the first one on the old, classic nintendo. then we watched "dawson's creek" and "glory days." despite its nielsen (i have more trouble spelling that word...) rating, "glory days" gets better each week. and joey kissed the professor today. but she's a good girl, so she freaked out, but preview hint that it isn't over. ah, crazy. but then lori and i were hungry. so we went to applebee's, me thinking it was half-price appetizer time. but the one we went to didn't have the great late happy hour like the other ones i've been to. she and i go to restaurants and stay in there a really long time, like over an hour. ok, that's totally wrong, that should read "such as more than a hour." ah, i'm copy editing my own speech.

so, lori and i spent a bit more than 12 hours together today and cara was there for about 10 of them. like i said before, great girl bonding time.

um, i've just typed a lot, what's gotten into me? when i use lowercase letters i type more, and faster, so at least i chose the right method of typing tonight. i mean, not right, because this is totally not grammatically correct, but right for my mood and mind. and the music choice is helping, too: train. i really love "meet virginia" and "drops of jupiter," but most train songs, at least the ones i'm listening to, are so much more mellow. that's not a complaint, just an observation.

ok, i really should go to bed, mainly because i'm starting to drive myself crazy. what must you few and far between readers think? well, if you have made it this far in this much-too-long entry, you're at least as crazy as me. gosh, i'm sure making you feel good if you haven't typed in a different web address already. seriously, i'm glad you made it this far, but, still, i don't know what that says about us. night.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Friday, January 25, 2002

I love it when I tell people I'm engaged...everybody has a story of some kind for me. It's good though to hear what people have to say about planning a wedding or being married.

Lori, her roommate Shelley and I went to eat Mexican tonight. I love that place.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

this morning greg called and woke me up, we chatted...
then he said something was suppose to be delivered to my apartment, and i should check to see if it was there. i did. lucky me, i had a box of flowers waiting for me. of course, i only discovered this after i decided, yeah, he sounded weird on the phone, but i'm sure it would be worth getting out of bed for. oh, and after i found my glasses. so i turned to go back inside my apartment, and greg walks around the corner. he had called me on a cell phone. oh, the cell phone he borrowed from his roommate. he is totally better than the beautiful tulips that are sitting in the blender on the kitchen table. blender? yeah, i didn't have a vase and the portion of the blender works fine.

so my heart was beating fast and i hugged greg for a long, long time. i didn't say much. it was the morning, and i don't talk too much in the morning. plus i was just enjoying hugging him.

then he gave me a letter. it was amazing, really. he said totally wonderful things about me, about our relationship and what God was going to do in our relationship. it was a reminder of why i love him. so, half way through reading the letter, i realize what's going on. i hurried through the last half, totally not even retaining what i'm reading, which is slightly ridiculous because it was such a beautiful letter. so, he's watching me. and when i look at him when i'm basically finished reading, he's kneeling on the floor, so cute between my couch and coffee table. i don't give him time to say anything, and i totally hug him. then he said, wait, i have something to ask.

yeah, he asked me to marry him when i finally gave him room to breathe.

i said yes.

well, actually i paused and just looked at him, fell more in love with him, and then said yes.

we had a perfect day together. it was a peaceful sign from God that this is right, that He's in this.

oh, so, august 3. yes, that is this coming august 3. that's six months from now. but that's about all we know so far. it was good for me, the anal, perfectionist planner, to just enjoy greg today and not clutter my head with plans, although, i'm sure that part will come soon, well, at least it probably has to.

i'm so glad greg woke me up this morning. and one of my favorite parts: it was wednesday, january 23. it wasn't christmas, or valentine's day, or even february 7, which is when we met four years ago. no, january 23, a better day than any in my life.