Monday, October 15, 2001

My grandma died yesterday afternoon. Now she's in a better place, rejoicing in eternal life without the suffering she had here. My grandpa misses her already, as we all do. Fifty-five years is a lifetime with someone. And I know Poppy is going to feel lost for awhile without Nanny. He's devoted his life to her, and particularly to taking care of her lately. I know it'll just take some time to regain focus, but he's strong enough to do it. My aunt said that she was worried about him, but she didn't know why, after all, he served in World War II. But Poppy admitted that there is no comparison and this tugs at his emotions in completely different ways.

Ryan, the baseball playoffs aren't going as well as they could...
The Cardinals lost in a stinkin' close game last night. What kind of mascot is the Diamondbacks anyway?